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One of my favourite topic on the web has always been Akanishi Jin.
Whatever I like him or hate him, I just love talking about him.

And it seems that rim1789 feels the same way. We kind of create a facebook gossips unit. And we spend time having fun of Jinjin and his eggplant, spoiling each other wall with paparazz' pictures, or news about him. Actually even if we're not currently talking about him, our conversation always ends by mentioning him indirectly... (like this time when naked pictures of Pi appeared on LJ).
Since Jin seems to change his personnality everytime someone is talking about him, we finaly discovered that he got a evil twin "The evil Jin's twin" sometimes called "I-like-partying", while Jin is himself called "I-like-studying" (coz everybody knows that he likes studying english). Hum. As true as Kame spending his nights drinking tea with Shige and their cats.

"Aubergine" is Eggplant in french. "Gine" does really sound like "Jin" that's why french fans (not every, just the perverted one) are used to calling Jin's best friend in bed "AuberJin". Far better than Eggplant, in my opinion.
I'm seriously thinking about making #eggplant trending in the tweet-o-sphere (that kind of thought often wildly appear in my mind, that's really... scary). (well actually when you follow #eggplant tweets, you can read stuff like "eating #eggplant cures cancer". Are there any takers?)

Honestly, that really looks like "love" or something like that. Jinjin should be thankful for having us by his side.

So what are the news today? I will be quick, I've more interesting things to do fufufu.
1) I-like-partying will be releasing his single "Eternal" on March. The B-face is "Murasaki".
2) That weird guy would like to make some collaborations with guys like Justin Bieber.
3) He was in US from January the 2nd to the 10th. (so he actually did watch the countdown)
4) And that's why there were no really interesting news about him lately. Fortunately, he is back (we started to get bored).
5) He will release an album, and he wants to release it in US too.
6) American fans doesn't believe in his chance to break through in America (what a surprise).
7) Japanese don't either since tickets for his shows in Japan are sold 100 yens on Yahoo Auction.
Hi everyone! It's been a long time!
Since I really got nothing to do now (or I got things I don't wanna do) I'm posting here.
First of all I'm not gonna wish a happy new year for the few persons who are reading this message, just because we're January the 15th, and you don't really need me to spend a good year. And actually all those new year messages are pretty annoying.
I took some resolutions that I, of course, haven't been able to conform to during the last fifteen days. (like working, since I'm in holyday 'til the 24th and have absolutly no homework).

One of them is to watch ten films, and read 5 books a month. Well it started pretty bad coz the only film I watched since the beginning of the month is Arrietty, and I didn't even manage to finish the book I was supposed to read before my exam (Imagined Communities from Benedict Anderson). Well I'll probably manage to watch ten movies a month, but it will be harder to read 5 books. Like reading books though...

I spend most of times this week watching my computer waiting for new tweets or notifications on Facebook. I found that a girl I was following on Twitter (just because she learns Japanese, she likes The Killers and she tweets on Penelope Bagieu's profile, and THAT's three really good reasons to follow someone, no matter what you say XD) is a student of INALCO. She's kind of my sempai, even though she's making another first year. The world is really small.
I indirectly discovered Tumblr thanks to her today. Yeah, it seems that creating another profile on one of the numerous social networks is a way to spend time uselessly.

Surfing on Twitter, and Facebook listening to Lady Gaga after having watched Glee makes me really look like any young teenagers living in a country like France. And that's pretty weird.


Picture's meme

Saw this on my sister's LJ mayura_news ...

01. Answer each of the questions with a photograph from the Internet.
02. Copy the url of your favorites
here to make a mosaic.
03. Share with the world [save, then upload].

1. my first name
2. favorite food
3. hometown
4. favorite color
5. celebrity crush
6. favorite drink
7. dream holiday
8. favorite dessert
9. what i want to be when i grow up
10. what i love most in the world
11. one word that describes me
12. my nickname

Why do I use LJ cut?Réduire )


Weird talk...

In my university there's a lot of Japanese students, and the students association organizes every Monday a meeting between French and Japanese students. Actually, the discussion always starts like this:

Japanese student:
"So, why have you been learning japanese?"
Me: "Er, well I like watching dramas".
JS: "Heee, which one do you like?"
Me: "Er... Nobuta wo produce...?"  (well it's indeed my favourite one so it's the first title that comes to my mind xD)
JS: "Heee... So you like Johnny's?"
Me: "Yeah, kind of"
JS: "You like Arashi, don't you?"
Me: "Well, yes"
JS: "What is your favourite Johnny's band?"
Me: "Probably NEWS"
JQ: "Who do you like the most? Yamapi?"
Me: "Er, well, no... Katô Shigeaki"
JS: "Heee..."

Well, actually most of them DO know Katô Shigeaki xDD. But still, I've got this conversation with all the Japanese I talk to 0__o'. And it's not like I really wanted to talk about Johnny's with them. (Well I think I've got enough with my crazy friends rotting my Facebook page with crazy stuff about Johnny's. Was I complaining? Well, seeing their depraved minds spreading on my page always make my days so no I wasn't fufufu XD). My life is just crazy...xDD

And tomorrow... Harry Potter and the deathly Hollows part one! YOUHOU!

My older sister and I managed to get tickets for one of the very first seances in Paris tomorrow et 7:10 PM. We will go with rim1789 , that will really be great! Can't wait <3 <3 (It's not like i liked the others films though...).
Seems like everyone's talking about Harry Potter those days. I watched a Japanese TV show about it and the MC was... Koyama. Ryô is also always talking about it in magazine (he seems to be a crazy Harry Potter fanboy xDD). On Facebook too people are talking about it! (and I'm not talking about french TV... When they're not talking about Sarkozy of course xD)
Since the publication of the last tome, I have lost my crazy-Harry-Potter-fangirl mind, and the release of the last films remind me the time when I knew every lines of the first chapter from the first tome... I love the way everyone from everywhere (well, almost everywhere) are waiting for this...

Well, see ya!

13 nov 2010

The long hair issue of Shige.
The members told him "Cut them" but he withstood.
The Jimusho told him "Cut them" but he withstood.
Anyway on the live stage when this survey was held: "If you think that Shige should cut his hair raise the penlight", the place was lit by so many penlights, it was really a pretty scene. Ok, well, let's cut them then.
"I'm pretty weak"

Translation from spilledmilk25 

We're doing this for your own good, dear! (And I know that you actually was pleased by the interest they have about you! xD). Oh yeah well maybe you're weak, but that makes you so damned perfect!  :3

I watched the perf of KAT-TUN from the Shounen Club for their new single. This song is great, this perf is great, Kame's haircut is great, and at least their suits were great! Love those guys (and I can now truly admit it fufufu).
Then...NEWS will release a DVD from the Live! Live! Live! on December. So fast 0___o'. That means... I will see the perf of Iitai Dake <3. 

And, today's KimuTaku'sbirthday (today because in France it's the 13/11, 00:32 xD). And that means that my facebook page will be spamm with Kimu's pictures during the whole day. Damned, so hard... >< xD. Few days ago was Tesshi, and now KimuTaku. Just give me a break xDDDD!

Yeah a entirely fangirl post... fufufu!

PS: I received my album of The Servant, at least! Not in the stat I expected him to be, but I'm so glad though. Such a great band! <3

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